This is our story.

Fold came to life from a shared desire to creatively explore new and unknown territory – a recognition of the playful craft of seizing an idea and transforming it from abstraction to reality.


In a city whose history, art and architecture have been shaped by the flair and impulse of artists and freethinkers, it’s easy to get swept away in Barcelona. It’s approach to fashion is cutting edge yet carefree, and embraces each person’s individuality. In 2018, we were both living in the city as students. As young women moving there from a small Mediterranean island, we found our new urban surroundings both challenging and stimulating. Like most twenty-something creatives we loved to employ a bit of artistic license when getting dressed in the morning. However, Barcelona life also taught us the importance of comfort and practicality; keeping our belongings safe as we roamed crowded streets and squeezed into busy metro carriages.


Sports pouches and fanny packs were almost a staple in Barcelona. They’re an easy way for locals to carry their phone, keys and wallet safely and conveniently. With our backgrounds in fine art, architecture and design neither of us had trained specifically in fashion, but a small idea gradually assumed an interesting shape. We knew this had to be beyond utility. It needed to be all about the individual.


And this is how we came up with fold – our own take on the fanny pack. A more fun, flattering and versatile alternative to standard pouches.

Our first simple pouch design and the basis of our current collection was essentially a DIY project. First, we sourced all the materials in Barcelona. Then we handmade the pouches and belts ourselves. Ultimately, this is how in 2019, we launched our first fold belt pouches in black, tan and cream. It involved some trial and error, an important part of the learning process as we became familiar with our tools and materials. 


Now back in Malta, we’re thrilled to be offering three styles of fold pouches in different shapes, sizes and shades.

When we realised that we wanted to expand, we set out to find the ideal partners to support us with bringing more fold pouches into the world. First, the fine, pliable leather that makes fold pouches irresistibly soft and durable was discovered at a tannery in Miniato, Italy. Then a serendipitous encounter led us to  a team of skilled leather craftspeople in Kolkata, India. They make each belt pouch by hand with the care and precision we have insisted on from the very beginning of our design and manufacturing process. 

This brought us to where we are today, and it’s certainly not the end of our journey.

Suzi & Tina